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Benefits Of Working At Roomfoss

At Roomfoss, we believe that each role within the company should revolve around communication, trust, respect, and responsibility. Because of these points, we boast very high employee retention statistics. We offer a pension scheme, life insurance, 20-day holiday plus bank holidays, competitive salary plus sick pay bonus scheme, optional company profit sharing, and overtime. Employee morale is extremely important to Roomfoss to keep our precise attention to detail and high quality control systems.  


While apprenticeships are vital for developing talent and fostering growth, hiring qualified individuals allows us to leverage specialised skills and experience from the start. These professionals not only possess the technical knowledge needed to tackle complex challenges but to also bring valuable insights and best practices acquired from their previous roles. By hiring qualified candidates, we can expedite project timelines, maintain high standards of quality, and enhance our reputation as a trusted provider of innovative control systems.


Apprenticeships are an important part of our company as builders of control systems because they serve as a foundation for cultivating the next generation of talent. In our specialised field, hands-on experience is most important, and apprenticeships offer a structured pathway for individuals to gain practical skills under the mentorship of our highly trained professionals.
By investing in apprenticeships, we not only ensure a skilled workforce but also encourage a culture of innovation and adaptability. These programs facilitate knowledge transfer within our organisation, preserving expertise while inspiring fresh perspectives and ideas. Ultimately, apprenticeships strengthen our company, enabling us to meet the evolving demands of the control systems industry while maintaining high standards of excellence in our work.

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