Bespoke Solutions

Customisation Process

The first step to a bespoke solution starts with speaking to the customer. This is the sourcing of information as to where the panel will be located and the requirements it will have. We begin by determining why a bespoke solution is required over a standard panel. This could be anything including size, location, and shape. At this stage emphasis is placed on the collaborative nature of communication with the client to find a sensible solution to the bespoke requirement.

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Examples Of Past Projects

A fundimental part of any new project is referring to old ones. It is crucial to efficiency and reliability to utilise experience and information learnt from our previous accomplishments. Discussions and photos are used to guide the customer through potential solutions based on what we have found to be successful with out other projects highlighting similarities and differences.

Core Competencies

  • Diverse industry understanding
  • A strong foundation of innovative design and engineering
  • Complete software flexibility
  • Robust quality assurances
  • Responsive customer support
  • Fabrication scalability and flexibility
  • Extensive client training and documentation
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In this section, we provide some common questions and answers that may be applicable to common concerns with our bespoke solutions.

How flexible are your control systems in terms of integration with existing infrastructure and technologies?

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Our solutions are designed with flexibility and compatibility in mind. Whether you have existing equipment, software, or protocols in place, we ensure seamless integration to minimise downtime and maximise efficiency.

How do you ensure the security of our control systems and data?

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Whether it's physically or within software we prioritise the security you require. From custom panels locks to castell interlocks. From basic HMI security to full PLC software and network lockdowns.

Can your control systems scale as our needs evolve or our business grows?

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We will always offer future expansion either within the current project or at a later date. With our Schneider Okken license we can offer a variety of modular and expandable systems. We always keep future growth in mind from switchgear to process panels.

What level of training do you provide for our staff on using and maintaining the control systems?

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Depending on your project and usage requirements we will supply training and documentation tailored to your staff's needs and expertise levels. Our training session can cover system operation, maintenance procedures, troubleshooting techniques, and best practices to ensure that your staff are proficient in using and maintaining the control systems effectively.

How do you ensure that your bespoke solutions meet regulatory compliance standards in out industry?

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We have extensive experience working with clients in various industries and adhering to regulatory compliance standards specific to each industry. Our solutions are designed and implemented with compliance in mind, and we work closely with regulatory bodies and industry experts to ensure that our systems meet all relevant standards and regulations.