Research And Development

Digital Intelligence


Over recent years, schneider have begun to introduce digital intelligence into their systems. As a partner, we have been involved in their ecoxpert journey allowing us to combine this technology into our switchboards. This system provides the end user with building control and power management allowing us to deliver smarter, integrated and more efficient solutions. Replacing intensive and intrusive manual maintenance with continuous live monitoring.

Breaker Monitoring and Control

Using schneider’s smart ACBs and compact NSX breakers with network accessible trip units, we can offer an entirely smart switchboard with full monitoring and control.

Key features include:

  • Trip diagnostics and faults
  • Remote breaker operation
  • Wear and operation information
  • Network measurement and logging (voltage, current, power)

Thermal Monitoring

We also offer thermal monitoring of cubicles and busbars. The Easergy TH110 sensor allows us to continuously monitor the temperature of cables, withdrawable circuit breakers and busbar connections. The TH110 sensor is self-powered by the network current. In combination, the CL110 is used in cubicles to measure section temperature and humidity.

Key features include:

  • The reduction of risk for operators and equipment
  • Aids in connections failure prevention
  • Helps in reducing unscheduled downtime
  • Can save costs with pre-emptive maintenance

Interfacing Devices

All these features can be used over a network connection, removing the need for CTs or separate voltage references. Depending on the customer’s usage requirements we offer a range of solutions to access this data:

  • Schneider Ecostruxure asset advisor – a cloud-based monitoring system that offers 24/7 analysis of devices connected using a schneider gateway.
  • HMIs for access either locally to the panel or remotely to allow operation of breakers in a safe environment.
  • Proximity or Wi-Fi based remote HMI monitoring from a phone, laptop or tablet.
  • SCADA and BMS integration.
Switchboard Thermal Monitoring HMI