Our Process


One of the most important steps for our process to go smoothly throughout the project relies on in depth communication with the client and surveying the environment and use of the panel. Upon initial contact we always encourage face to face interactions with our clients for meetings where possible as we believe this is where trust is built. At Roomfoss we pride our project flexibility to best suit our clients’ requirements. Dealing with bespoke projects daily contributes massively to our ability in provide efficient and detailed surveys.  Upon the completion of surveys, our proficient estimating team takes over. Leveraging their expertise, they review the gathered data to assess project requirements and potential costs, producing a cost-effective quote for both us and the client.

a high vis, a notepad and a pen
Example CAD Drawing layout


At Roomfoss, the design process is our cornerstone, blending innovation with precision. Our team are experts in balancing client requirements and industry standards, fostering the mentality of efficiency and practically. Through thousands of projects our engineers refine their designs to ensure they not only meet but exceed expectations, harmonising features, usability, and technical feasibility. Our commitment to attention to detail in our design sets the foundation for the entire project.


Following the completion of drawings, the next step involves ordering the necessary parts and materials. Our manufacturing team initiates the panel-building process, maintaining close communication with our workshop manager and design engineers. This collaborative approach ensures the seamless execution of the manufacturing process, with each team member contributing their expertise to deliver high-quality control systems. Our multi-skilled workforce ensure continuity throughout a project.

an image of someone wiring a panel
Example PLC Programming Layout


In the background of the previous steps, our software team will assist to ensure the control equipment is best suited for the project and communicate with the client to secure the most ideal functionality of the panel. Once the manufacturing process has started, our software engineers will begin writing the bespoke software keeping in line with process specification. Common practice invites the customer to review any user interfacing such as HMIs to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Once the panel is built, extensive testing is carried out by our manufacturing team providing full documentation regarding, cosmetic condition, fabrication, accessibility, wiring and equipment function. Once this initial testing is complete, the project is handed over to the software team to download and test software using external simulation. We will always offer an in-person factory acceptance test, repeating all testing procedures or any specific function the client would like to see. Our software engineers can then prove full functionality on site, including manuals, documentation and site training with an official handover.  

multi metre with screwdrivers