Roadside Systems (LED/Control)

Reduce Costs Significantly With Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Whether brand new or upgrading existing installations, utilising leading edge LED technology, our signs deliver!

  • Low maintenance - greater than 5 years lamp life
  • Significantly reducing the need for expensive road closures
  • Energy saving - in excess of 10 times more efficient
  • Improved visual light source
  • Cost effective upgrade path for older traditional installations
  • Benefits of our new luminaire
  • 316 stainless steel
  • IP66 rated
  • BSEN 60598-2-22
  • ISO 3864
  • Highways agency approved
  • Upgrade path available

Upgrade existing installations

Save the expense of total replacement by upgrading only the luminaire internals with bespoke LED back-plates and control gear.

All sign types available can be made to suit your application

  • Way finding signs
  • ERT signs
  • Cross passage signs
  • Niche signs
  • Danger: live carriageway signs
  • Tunnel - underground - railway - road options

Stainless Steel Roadside Control Panels

Bespoke quality stainless steel enclosures, up to IP66, manufactured to meet your individual project needs.

Roomfoss Control Systems have manufactured roadside enclosures for many recent national road projects. All of these panels are designed to suit the individual contract specifications and comply with all relevant standards of the day. We undertake testing at the BSI in order to validate each design

Types Of Enclosure:

  • Emergency distribution panel (EDP)
  • Emergency panel (EP)
  • Smoke control panel (SCP)
  • Emergency roadside telephone box (ERT)
  • Fireman access panels