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About Us

Roomfoss are a major force in the design and manufacture of all types of control systems from standalone distribution panels to intelligent Motor Control Centres. We have been in the business for over 40 years and our worldwide markets include the chemical, petrochemical, food, power generation, transport infrastructure, hospitals, and water industries.

We have recognised that success in this business, demands the ability and readiness to supply the widest possible choice of control panels in the most timely and efficient manner.

Our dedicated team of estimation, design, control and electrical engineers all have first class knowledge of our customers industries and their specific needs and site requirements. They provide a personal service working closely with each customer to achieve their objectives in the most practical and efficient manner. Whilst remaining committed to providing the high levels of service now recognised as standard by our customers.


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About The Factory

Our factory allows us to produce high quality control systems, using a wide range of both common and specialised tools and equipment. Our in-house copperwork enables us to create immensely detailed bespoke copper configurations. Utilising a large open workshop ensures possibilities for large, scaled manufacturing projects, currently with a secondary workshop on the same road in accordance with our expansion. Our offices run alongside our factory. The factory is located on Bergen Way on North Lynn industrial estate, allowing for good access from major roads and highways, facilitating smooth transportation and logistics.


Our History


Where we started

Ron Leadley,  Graham Rintoul, and Roderick Herbert joined forces to establish the Company,  pooling their expertise and passion to embark on a journey to build control  solutions. Together, they set out to pioneer the development of high-quality,  bespoke systems tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients.


Connections grow

Roomfoss attained the esteemed status of being recognised as system builders for Eaton Cutler Hammer, marking a milestone in their journey towards providing specialised solutions.


New location

After establishing themselves as leaders in bespoke control solutions and solidifying their partnership with Eaton Cutler Hammer, Roomfoss took the next strategic step in their expansion journey by relocating to Saddlebow, a move indicative of their continued commitment to growth and innovation.


Better infrastructure

Expanding their manufacturing capabilities to meet growing demand Roomfoss embarked on a significant factory expansion initiative, demonstrating their dedication to scaling operations while maintaining their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.


Becoming partners

Becoming official system builders for Schneider Okken, in partnership with Schneider, marked a pivotal achievement for Roomfoss, solidifying their position as industry leaders in providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clientele.


A larger factory

In response to the escalating demand and expanding sales, Roomfoss made the decision to transition to a larger manufacturing facility. This relocation underscores their dedication to meeting customer needs.


More space

In a proactive move to accommodate their expanding operations and enhance production capabilities, Roomfoss embarked on the construction of a second floor within their factory premises.


New owners

Roomfoss was acquired by the Exheat Group, resulting in the appointment of Bobby Skinner  as the General Manager of Roomfoss. This move aligned with Exheat Group's  vision for expansion while Bobby Skinner's leadership brought a wealth of  experience and expertise to drive Roomfoss forward into its next phase of  growth and development under the new ownership.


Large projects

Roomfoss secured a significant project supplying the control systems for the Silvertown Tunnel Project for TFL, marking a milestone achievement in their portfolio of endeavours.



Roomfoss commenced leasing a second factory, a decision aimed at expanding their operational capacity and accommodating their growing business requirements

Our Values As A Company

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Our Priorities As A Company

At Roomfoss we pride ourselves on our bespoke systems being of the highest standard for our clients. Our primary focus revolves around us being able to deliver safe, efficient, and reliable systems for a diverse range of applications. For us to keep this reputation, we are dedicated to innovation, continuously looking to integrate new and more reliable technologies to meet the dynamic needs of the industries we reach. We are committed to sustainability, utilising energy efficient practices, and minimalising our environmental impact. We place immense value within our customer relationships, ensuring a truly personalised service to cater for each of client unique requirements. Our skilled team's dedication allows us to maintain these priorities for every project we undertake.

Who We Have Worked With

Here are just a few examples of the highly valued clients that have placed their trust and safety in the hands of Roomfoss as a preferred partner.

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