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Eastern Power Systems (EPS) specialises in providing sustainable and reliable power generation and distribution solutions, including installations, maintenance and project management. They were tasked with a new project for James Paget University Hospital, a leading healthcare provider in Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk, serves the Great Yarmouth and Waveney areas with over 500 beds and a wide range of medical services. In collaboration, Roomfoss Control Systems and EPS set to design, plan and install infrastructure to a supply generator backed switchboard within the hospital.


EPS tasked Roomfoss Control Systems with designing and building a power distribution system capable of maintaining power supply during mains failure conditions. This involved integrating LV Okken switchboards to handle the hospital's power demands and ensure the outgoing feeds were consistently powered. EPS was responsible for installing all the cabling to the control systems and generators, while Roomfoss built the control panel, which they later transported to the site for reconnection.


Roomfoss provided 2 LV switchboards. The main switchboard consisted of a 9 column Okken switchboard with a 3200 Amp incoming supply from the grid and 3200A incoming supply from our other generator board (which included 2 supplies in from each generator). The switchboard supplied 4 main outgoing feeds and 6 smaller feeds. This integrated a Comap controller that was able to synchronize and control the 2 generator panels that fed our panel in a mains failure scenario switching both incoming and outgoing feeds, loadshedding in a changeover situation. The Comap system also included a G99 relay within the switchboard.

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