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Witham Fourth District Internal Drainage Board covers  an area of 40,928 hectares of Lincolnshire. They  maintain 702 kilometres of watercourse and are responsible for seven pumping stations. Lade Bank pumping station was built in 1867 and later rebuilt in 1938.
The station currently has 3 electric pumps (2 submersible and 1 axial flow) being used to protect the East Fen by pumping into the higher southern half of Hobhole Drain, with 3 back up diesel pumps (axial flow).In 2022, Roomfoss was tasked with replacing and modernising the old control panel.


The new system needed to include control for 2 soft starters and 1 resistive starter, integrating seamlessly with the pre-existing pumps. Due to the essential application, the panel needed control and monitoring redundancy, including remote access to these. It was important that the replacement had improved safety functionality, familiar controls for the engineers onsite, and an efficient installation to minimalise time that the pumps would be out of service.


With detailed site visits and planning, Roomfoss were able to produce a solution that would include all the required functionality within the timeframe required. Working alongside Lee Dickens to include telemetry remote monitoring and control within the panel. For more details on this project or how we can help with a similar project you have, contact us and we can discuss potential solutions.

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